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So I haven't heard anything about or by this band other than that a friend of mine who has rather reliable taste says they're good. I read the article on about them but it wasn't particularly helpful.

An excerpt:
Postmodern to the core, this is an ironic name; little of what this band plays resembles standard blues. There is, however, a blues feel to what they play, meaning that in many instances they appropriate aspects of the blues (very often clichés) and incorporate them into their anarchic, noisy sound.

This makes me feel like they're a bit like some of the White Stripes material (let's not get into a discussion of the Stripes in this thread, if you please).

But if anyone out there knows anything about them, fill me in, would ya? I gotta give 'em credit, it's a good name.
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They're extremely hit or miss with me, I'd say I only like about 1 in 2 songs by them. A lot of the time the vocals are just this weird stream of consciousness type thing that wears thin pretty quickly. The instrumentation is almost always enjoyable, though.
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Definitely worth a listen, they're nothing like the White Stripes (thankfully). Go for it
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Yeah. Stream of consciousness stuff gets old quickly. Especially when he jsut says things like, "Ladies and Gentleman, the Blues is #1!!! THE BLUES IS #1! THE BLUES IS #1, Ladies and Gentleman. Ladies. Gentleman. THE BLUES IS #1"

I swear thats what 80% of his songs degenerate into. The theremin is realy cool though. Go to and watch his theremin demonstration. Its hilarious.

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