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If you have notice my title I have a problems picking out musicians for a band I am trying to create, so far I have a drummer and he's serious about playing and making a real band. I need your help on how to pick RELIABLE musicians for forming a band.
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ask them to suck your dick, if they are truly committed they will, and u get a few freeblow jobs ...for serious though try a few members out for a few jam session see which ones are the best and most reliable
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seriously...if you don't know them, you have to risk it, just pick the ones that have a good history, or that play really well, and just go on instinct.
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just put adds all over the internet. then come together with the musicians and jam along. then you will see if it's working or not. from experience, i always know if something works or not. if it sounds good with just 2 musicians playing, it can only get better!
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Try putting ads in your local guitar shop or some cd shops let you put ads up, then as long as you can hang out with them without wanting to kill them and they're cool to jam with then there's your band.

And that blow job idea sounds great *goes to find "like-minded musicians"*
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try and pick people that write good music and are as commited as you are. It doesnt happen over night. i right now am in a 3 piece band with no singer or 2nd guitar player and it started 2.5 years ago (various changes made durring that time) but with what we have right now i know that my two bandmates are able to write good music and are going to stick with this forever.
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Find guys who want to make it. They'll stay focused and not go away to other stuff. Also try some jam sessions and pick commited people who fit in with you and your drummer.