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I remember a guitarworld issue (dec 05, i think) that had "The Album that changed your life" thing on it, were they asked many popular guitarists what album changed their life. I was wondering the same about all you folks, except with the song (or songs) that changed you view on guitar.

For me, it was only recently. Ive been playing guitar for 3 years now and last week i heard the song that blew my mind into its basic elements (thats right...its basic elements). Its called "Searching" by Joe Satriani, and the acually lick im talking about starts at 00:55. Its more than a lick, in my opinion. I feel as if it makes a message out of a guitar. The album its in is called "Is there love in space?" and i think it fits it perfectly. It has the sense of almost a "searching" feel to it. Its such an indescribable feeling when i hear it. Its something that can never be put into words.

Ive always read in magazines in interviews about how an artist or song changed someones life...but i never really felt it until i heard this song.

So anyway, whats a song that really made you re-think your guitar playing?
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Anything But Mine by Kenny Chesney. Sure, its just a country diddy but I heard it and the fingerpicking sus and major chords and the simple time signatures just spoke to me. the solo made me take. my guitar playing in a new direction. that song makes me feel like im on a mountain.
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Dream Theaters Scenes From A Memory, or Jason Beckers Perpetual Burn
when i heard them i actually started to sit down with a metronome and practiced properly, which has helped a bunch.
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In The Solo Of Cemetary Gates By Pantera When Dime Goes The **** Off.
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a lot of songs have done it for me
it started with wake up by rage against the machine, that song got me into music
then probably schism by tool, really inspired me
then the glass prison by dream theater, opened my mind up to the possibilities that songs dont have to go intro verse chorus verse chorus solo outro
and currently the drapery falls by opeth, never in my life have i heard something to beautiful and so dissonant within the same song
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i know its cliche but ill say it, dad was a big ass van halen fan in the 80s and i was listening to music one day and he gave me VH1. i picked up a guitar the following week
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i remember that! i thought that was so ironic because the guy from lamb of god and the guy from fall out boy (who sucks by the way) both had the same album: ...and justice for all by metallica

for me, i think it might be... well theres a lot. really anything by opeth, they really showed me what it means to be metal and progressive and still experiment with other stuff at the same time.
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The very first, Crazy Train. but pretty much any song by Ozzy with Randy.
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The kickass guitar work in Incubus's Trouble In 421. That crazy- tapping-funky solo just rips.
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creeping death by metallica. it has everything. it tought me how chord progressions worked because of kirks progressive solo that followed the rythem perfectly. it has fast picking. great solos, everything. it taught me how a great song should go and how to write a phenominal song. it really impacted me signifigantly. the guy above me mentioned ozzy. and ill also go with an ozzy song. no more tears also had a HUGE impact on me. ive never heard so many different moods go through a song. you go from zakks crushing distortion, to his weird slidish confusing riffs. then in the middle you have the beautiful epic piano part. the solo taught me that you dont nesicarily have to play fast, if you play soulful, youll get your point acrose. that solo is one of my alltime most meaninful solos and its beautiful every time i hear it.
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I really enjoyed listening to the haunting melodic tones of Ben Harper's "Woman in You." Not only is it pleasant to jam to, it seems to fully excite the senses and arouse the animalistic desire to boogie. Oh my, oh my! haha
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One by Metallica I don't think I was playing guitar at the time but i dont remember seeing as it was 5 years ago atleast but I had never heard anyone play a solo like that before and it blew my mind.Cemetery Gates by Pantera showed me how a metal band can go from nice and soft one minute and brutal the next and the solo still blows my mind.And I'm sure theres others but thats all I can think of for now
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I got into music when i was 8
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The song that changed the way I looked at guitar was 'Dreams Of Children', by The Jam. The guitars on that song always fascinated me, and The Jam slowly took me from metal to post punk/ new wave. Best decision I've ever made.
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Quote by Raginscotsman
The song that changed the way I looked at guitar was 'Dreams Of Children', by The Jam. The guitars on that song always fascinated me, and The Jam slowly took me from metal to post punk/ new wave. Best decision I've ever made.

I feel sorry for all of you, there appears to be more than one of me on this site.

Anyways, the whole post punk/new wave movement also changed my view of guitar, with bands such as The Pretenders, New Order/Joy Division, The Jam, The Police, and The Psychedelic Furs. The Beatles obviously did as well, I've got too many influences to list here.
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Californication for picking up guitar. Some major songs that influenced me are Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Ziggy Stardust, Four on Six, Giant Steps, Minor Swing.
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Well I would say One by Metallica really blew me away and showed me what was possible on a guitar. But then about a year ago I started to really get into Steve Vai specifically Tender Surrender just blew me away and he has motivated more than ever to be as good as I possibly can.
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Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Metallica

I spent an hour last night, just playing that intro, riff and 1st solo.....

I was spellbound.
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7 nation army made me pick a guitar up, you can't top that.
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The serching likc at 55 seconds is amazing, but on the joe satriani extremist album, in the song the extremist at 1:20 through the solo, thats what made me into what i am now. joe satriani rules, see him at a venue near you. with his new super colossal tour

May i add the song crying also on the extremist album is the first song i ever reallylernt on guitar when i was 9
ive never forgotten it and i never will!
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well what can i say? lol 3 songs for Van Halen really inspired me to play guitar which were "Eruption", "Mean streats", and "Panama".
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Fade to Black by Metallica was the first song i learned to play...continueing on to Nothing Else Matters and then One...I had never listened to metal music before but i liked it...then hearing Stevie Ray Vaughn and his unique style....Hendrix and his wah pedal...then listening to greats like Jeff Beck and Steve Morse is why i picked up a guitar
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Metallica was the first one, first thing that I really liked outside of bad numetal bands.

Then I really got into Steve Morse and Eric Johnson. That was nuts.
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4'33" by John Cage
not a guitar song, but can technically be played on guitar

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Quote by Gabuydachk
4'33" by John Cage
not a guitar song, but can technically be played on guitar

Isn't that the one where you just sit there for a long time and do nothing?
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Machine Gun-Jimi Hendrix
Little Wing-Jimi Hendrix

Orion because of the middle section (I Love It)
Machine Gun because its prolly Jimi's finest guitar performance.
Little Wing......self explanatory
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Steve Vai - Passion and warfare made me realize that there is no limit to what you can do with a guitar. Think you've done everything you can with it? pah!
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somewhat cliché, but Wish You Were Here quadrupled my appreciation for my acoustic.
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Yngwie Malmsteens Rising Force(the whole thign )
Evil Eye was a greta track
Black star when i heard it i was amazed.

Showed me a great combo of "metal" and classical.
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Hearing Gary Moore's Loner and Santana's Europa were the ones that really made me want to learn how to play guitar. Then, probably some Iron Maiden and Metallica songs.

Then, some Arch Enemy, Opeth, Norther, Children Of Bodom...

Later on, Steve Vai's For The Love Of God, Jason Becker's Altitudes and Racer X's Scarified.
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Well i used to only play metal till i listened to Dont Cry by Guns n Roses, it taught me to play some softer songs and get a little away from metal
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What Make Me Change My Perception Is Tha ****ing Of Michael Angello Speed Kills I Almost Cry Lol But I Was Playing Eruption And And Think Its Was Extreme And Someone Chalenge Me To Learn This Song And I Listen Its And Said I Realy Suck Compare To This Guys
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Metallica - Master of puppets from the S&M consert made me pick up the gitar again!
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Sister Ray - Velvet underground
Waves of Fear - Lou Reed
Fun House - Stooges
Blank Generation - Richard Hell and the Voidoids
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The first Anal **** song I heard, I forget which one exactly. After hearing it, I just stopped trying.