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i was curious if anyone has ever heard of this band before, they must of been late 60's, but i cant find any of their stuff, im not sure if the name is right either, and i also recently just got into some of jeff beck stuff, i was wondering about the jeff beck group, what cd's they released, bit confused about them.
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thats an actress's name
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No, it is Terry Reid, we're not talking about the alcoholic actress. The little I've heard of him (them?) has been pretty good. Never really bothered checking anything out very in depth, though.
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is it Terry Reid, i read about them in a guitar magazine, what did they sound like? i heard people compare his voice to Robert Plant? dont know if that is true, what did his tunes sound like?
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he turned down both led zeppelin AND deep purple
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tara reid is ****ing goregous.

never heard of the band terry reid though.
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kinda ironic, because that's what Ace Frehley said, oh and thanks for the link.
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Terry Reid is a singer/song writer who was offered to be lead singer for Led Zepplin and Deep Purple. He had a solo career but never cracked the big time although he has since developed a strong cult following. THree of his songs appeared on the "Devil's Rejects" movie by Rob ZOmbie and he did a cover of the song "Bang, Bang" back in the 70s which is hundred times better than Nacy Sinatra's version, heaps rockier too.
There's a website dedicated to him at:
And if I see him confused with Tara Reid again I'm going to scream.
Terry Reid rocks, everyone should check out his stuff.
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terry reid makes some pretty sweet song, they got alot of kick behind them too. Some of my favs are:
To Be Treated
Seed of a Memory
Brave Awakening
and if you like his stuff you might want to check out the Marshall Tucker Band too...FOLK ROCK ON!
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