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Hey. Im in a band and we are playing a gig next month. We are playing covers for it though. We are playing Stairway to Heaven and we are going to play another song. What else would be good to play? Theres two guitar players, a drummer, a bass player, and a singer. Theres a keyboard player we can use also if we need it.
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last dance with mary jane by tom petty is always a good tune, ive been listening to that a bunch lately

but i guess it all depends on who youre playing for and what kinda music you guys play
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It would help if you stated where the gig is at and what age group will be there. Why do so many bands do Stairway to heaven?
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its for people in high school. im in high school. one of those high school bands. Stairway is just a nice song to perform and if you do it right, it could be a great song for people to recognize you doing it good.
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Before anyone can make a good suggestion you need to answer some questions:

What style of music do you play?
How good are you guys?
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Don't do stairway to heaven... I've never heard a cover that was as good as the orginal....
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MoonShield by In Flames. I wouldn't suggest Stairway though. All the covers were never any good.
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Quote by JagStang5246
MoonShield by In Flames. I wouldn't suggest Stairway though. All the covers were never any good.

Great song! Good pick

Maybe do some AC/DC? Everybody loves AC/DC.
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plush by the stone temple pilots
or if youre trying to keep the same feel,
then play the rain song by led zeppelin.
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to stay in classic rock, jam on a common rock song like Back in Black or Walk This Way

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play something loud because your first song is quite gentle. Try Paradise City by Guns n' Roses.
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Crazy Train? Smells like Teen Spirits good. Everyone has heard it and they don't even need to know the name or who its by, because in one way or another everybodys has heard it!