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Hey guys,
I've got a situation with the band I'm in that I need to address, because its getting confusing. I'm in a metal band, and I'm not enjoying being in it anymore, and since thats what playing music is about for me, I'd like to quit the band. Problem is, I'm drumming in this band (don't ask) so all their gear is set up in my basement. I also don't want them to hate me, since I have classes with them in school. I also feel bad because its just two guys and if I left, I'd dump them right back where they were before without a drummer 5 or 6 months ago.

So my question is: How would you approach quitting this band?

EDIT: I'm not sure if this is the right forum to put this in, if its not please let me know.
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what you need to do is confront the guys in the band and ask them what all three of you could do to make it more fun to play. maybe change up some stuff, maybe just jam for a while and take it easy. making music is supposed to be fun and not stressful or irritating. just jam and play what sounds good. dont really try to fit into a "genre" such as metal. trying to fit into something youre not can also suck. anyways, hope it helps.
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Be upfront and just tell them you're not enjoying it. Ask if they can change for you but if not, wish them the best of luck. Pity wont make you become a drummer in a successful band
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id talk with them about it and tell them your reasons and see if you can work something out. if not leave the band, making sure that they know that you still like them as people but its just a conflict of intrest for you
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yeah, I've asked if they could change their style for me a couple times, and they simply aren't open to change. They're cool guys, but stubborn as ****! Thanks for all the quick replies.
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give it too them honestly
they should understand

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Quote by Supersonic^
I'd be honest with them and hope they're understanding.

That's really all you can do. If you changed your mind about wanting to leave maybe you could try to work out a compromise with them but if not stick to the original plan.
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yeah be honest

either that or take a **** on all their amps and take out the magnet parts and sell them...
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