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Well the thread was called bandleading, so I guess I shall post here. If its not the right forum, then move it please.

Anyway, what are some tips you guys have for singing? Like how do you prepare your voice and what do you do to keep it healthy...things like that

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Make sure you dont get a dry throat. Your voice changes louds when your throut is dry. And just sing your song a couple of times before going on stage to warm up. Thats what I do.
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The best parts from the above suggested thread....

Don?t consume dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt, chocolate, etc.) the day you sing. Drink warm water, perhaps some green or white tea. Avoid black tea, coffee, soda, and alcohol as those will actually take water out of your body. Avoid cold water, sugary drinks, and alcohol as they will hinder your vocal cords.

Also, don?t smoke. It?s bad for you, kids.

Aunty Fuzzybunny's tips for a quickie...
(and again, it's not half as kinky as it sounds)

Ok, so you have 5 minutes...

0:00 - 2:00
Try 'brr'ing in scales (you know, blowing out through your lips and making a brrr noise) and then swapping to 'rrr'ing (rolling your tongue) in scales and arpeggios. This'll help you to keep any nasal sounds away. Do it both staccato and legato (short and punched, and long and slow).

2:00 - 3:00
Start doing some slow scales. Use vowel sounds like 'oo', and make sure that the sound isn't coming out through your nose. Start in a comfortable part of your range and move up, then start doing them down.

3:00 - 4:00
Do the same as before, but with arpeggios. Now use more open vowel sounds like 'ah'. Make sure you're doing everything with confidence, else warming up is pointless.

4:00 - 5:00
Have a quick run through bits of the piece(s) you're singing. Do the bits that you're not so confident about, and then do bit that you are confident about. That way, you'll feel better about the whole thing.

And ta-daaah, you've just about sort of warmed up, given the circumstances