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Well my band has been a band for about 1 1/2 now. And my singer who is one of my good friends got in when he was 14,15 and his voice was really good. But... now his voice is so bad. And I am 100% serious about this band and everytime we play a show i hear wow you guys were great but your singer is really bad man. And i know i should kick him out but hes one of my best friends. Could this just be puberty and his voice will be better? Another reason why i dont wanna kick him out is cause he just bought a GIbson SG standard and a 100 watt Fender amp. PLEASE HELP!
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Maybe he could start singing lessons? Get a tutor, or he could do excercises and what not by himself? He might have something up with his voicebox/throat?

EDIT: Does he warm up his voice before shows and practices? That might be causing his problems, he's putting too much strain on himself without being properly.. erm.. 'equipped'.
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wait and see...if it dosent get better and you realy are serious about the band i think you should tell him that its just not working.
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well definitly tell him about it
and yeah voice lessons might be good...
but...puberty...after 14-15...hmm...
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Sack his ass. Good gear won't make a bad voice sound better.
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He doesn't play guitar too, Well sometimes but singing lessons might be a good idea. But how would i tell him to get them?
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Quote by Slash_HuDsOn
so he sings and plays guitar? or does he just sing?

^^What he said, because if he plays guitar and sings, maybe you could not kick him out but just hand off the singing duties to someone else until his voice gets back to whatever, or if it never does then make him just guitar permanently..
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There are many solutions to your problem. First I wouldn't suggest kicking him out just yet. One solution would be having him sing in an octave that isn't as straining on his voice. Also if he is a serious singer he NEEDS to be doing exercies (do ra mi fa so la ti do) at least 30 minutes a day. It seems like a lot of commitment to be doing 'nothing' but the results should make him change his mind. In addition especially at his age he should take up singing lessons, even if you'lls genre doesn't really require singing the vocalist should be taking lessons so that the strain he is putting on his voice doesn't cause it to break down like it did (Matt Shadows anyone). If all of the previously mentioned suggestions don't seem to help, I suggest you take a break from playing live, and use this time to begin writing new material and working on lyrics. Even if his voice isn't working he can still compose the vocal melody on guitar or piana or whatever you will. If NONE of these work then in a professional matter tell him he needs to consider whether he is draggin the band down.
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Or just switch him to rythem, get a new singer, and if the rythem players voice gets back to normal then they can share vocal duties and maybe do a Taking Back Sunday duel vocal call and response thing.