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How many gigs would a musician on average have when they first start giging?
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There is no set amount. Get one and start it from there.

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As much as you can get. When I started gigging last summer, I played a gig each week when i could get it, Gigging really helps with your technical ability aswell.
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As many as you can get.

Here it's getting hard to find weekend gigs. We aim for a gig a month but we usually get booked every 6 months. There's just so many good bands in my city and too few clubs to perform at.
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when the opurtunity comes take it even if you suck

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It depends a lot on the demand for live music, the amount of venues, and how good your band is compared to the competition. It definitely makes a difference where you live.
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Get as many as you can. go around local clubs and get into bands. It gets you better