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Ok, me and my band have a few issues when we practice.....

1 - We can't get the sound levels right, whenever I turn my amp up to be heard over the drummer, the rhythm guitarist tells me to turn it down (he doesnt go to gigs lol). Also its often hard to hear the vocals

2 - We have VERY conflicting music tastes, heres a quick list:
- Me (Lead Guitar) -- Metal/Rock
- Rhythm guitarist -- Classical/Jazz/Classic Rock (He's a fanatical Christian and stereotypes all metal as "satanic")
- Bassist -- Classic Rock/Modern Pop
- Vocalist -- Rock/Emo/Indie (EWW!!!)
- Drummer -- Rock/Softer metal

So whenever we are composing and I bring out a little metal style riff the rhythm guitarist says "what are we gonna do over that, shout and scream??" Also when writing lyrics the vocalist, bassist and rhythm guitarist want words about stuff like smiling, dreaming and walks in the park and whenever me or the drummer argue, they say "what do you want then, drugs, death and satan?"

3 - We never seem to get much done, we wrote our first 5 or 6 songs well but now we keep arguing (mainly me and drummer against rhythm guitarist) and we just get songs half finished.... We are all fairly good at our instruments:

Me - Not bad, I can shred a few licks, play every Green Day song (Yay, achievment!), play System of a Down, Metalica, Trivium etc

Rhythm Guitarist - Not bad, goes for these funky classical and jazz riffs....

Drummer - Dam good, Grade 7

Bassist - Ah, this is where we start to fall apart... he wasn't that good at the guitar and isn't much better at the bass, I usually write the bass parts.

Vocalist - He is an excellent choir singer, he just hasnt got the energy for rock. He is too monotone and sounds (according to me, the drummer, and everyone else outside the band) like a monk. He doesn't believe this and the rhythm guitarist keeps backing him up.

Help would be very much appreciated and incase its useful, heres a list of our equipment:

~ Lead Guitarist (me) ~

Fender Strat
Marshall DSL401
Boss MT-2 (this owns so feel free to flame )
Digitech RP80
Samson Wireless System

~ Rhythm Guitarist ~

Yamaha RGX121Z
Marshall MG10 (LOL!!!)
Digitech RP100 (he refuses to let me set it up for distortion, he just wants the wacky effects)

~ Bassist ~

Squire P-Bass copy
Some 10w Squire amp

~ Vocalist ~

Random mic
MY spare 10w amp

~ Drummer ~

Some 8 piece kit, something like Percussionist, it says PP on the bass anyway

~ My Gear ~

Gibson Les Paul Studio in Alpine White with EMG 81/60
Fender Stratocaster
Marshall DSL401
Boss Metal Zone MT-2
Boss Super Overdrive SD-1
Boss Noise Suppressor NS-2
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Sounds like a big jumbled mess. Unless you're really really good friends with everyone, leave with the drummer and find new bandmates. I don't really know what else to tell you, as you make it seem as though compromise is pretty tough, so it'd probably be easier to just find a new band.
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tell the vocalist to buy a louder amp like a 100 watt p.a. or something and tell him to stop being a bitchy emo fan or hes out becuase no one likes a emo singer. and tell the ryhtm guitarist that you should be louder than him most of the times considering you are the lead guitarist but when your not doing your leads turn youself equal to him with the help of your volume knobs on your guitar. and like ^ said i would suggest keep the drummer leave everyone else.

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Unfortunately, the drummer, rhythmn guitarist and singer and 3 of my best friends..... Me and the rhythmist get on really well outside of practices....

Also, the other guitarist doesn't like being rhythm as much as lead because he used to pwn me but I've improved a lot recently and now he kinda feels.... pushed aside (I think lol).

Any advice on the sound issues?
~ My Gear ~

Gibson Les Paul Studio in Alpine White with EMG 81/60
Fender Stratocaster
Marshall DSL401
Boss Metal Zone MT-2
Boss Super Overdrive SD-1
Boss Noise Suppressor NS-2
Digitech RP80
Samson Wireless
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sounds like a defunct band to me. if you cant get along and create together, youll write crappy music. it doesnt matter how good you are, a band is a combination of people. youre only as good as your weakest member.
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why don't you guys use all your influences to your advantage, and maybe get real equipment.. there's no use in really being in a band if you have a 10w practice amp.. bands need either good sized combo amps or half stacks and such.. and for vox.. either like a 100w amp or a nice PA... for my band we just have an old 350W yamaha PA system and 2 100w speakers... then right now i just have a Line 6 120w combo.. but around the summer time i think im getting a Krank Revolution stack, or something nice like that... so uhmmm... for one, you guys need to get the right equipment, and possibly you, the other guitarist and the bassist could write all the music away from the full practices or something... but if it becomes too much of a hastle, leave the band with the drummer, it's not a big deal, sure your friends will be mad... but they will realize that they sucked anyways... and another big problem is an inexperienced bassist... that is a big big problem, you want to have everyone be around the same playing level... hmmm but yeha i dunno... do whatever, it's your band.
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Hmm... Your band seems kinda all over the place because I notice your Bassist and Vocalist have 10 watt amps, meaning that when you and the drummer are playing you might be drowning them out. I think that either the vocalist and bass player needs to get bigger amps or all your band mates need to play in a equal volume level so ya all get a more clear sound. And another thing that I suggest is that if you think you guys have a disagreement in music, try a song you guys all will agree on. And one more thing, if you feel you have band mates lagging it, kick them out!It's a waste of your time if you really want to go further with your band then just playing in a garage or something.
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I'd say kick your bassist if he's not one of your best friends. Get your vocalist and rhythm guitarist to get better equipment. Play dual lead with your rhythm guitarist or take turns on lead. If you're doing more of a metal influenced song, you play lead. If you're doing more of a classic rock influenced song let him play lead or let him choose to play lead or rhythm.
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It's not worth keeping the band together if you can't all get along musically/equipment-wise. If I were you, I'd have everyone go their separate ways, start their own bands according to their own interests, and stay friends with everybody and just have small informal jams once in a while. My first band couldn't get along or collaborate, even though we were all friends. Good friends are not necessarily good bandmates. Find musicians you can work with. Also, keep in mind that it is very difficult to get a band to collaborate effectively. In all honesty, if your bandmates are all still in their teens, they may simply lack the maturity that is needed to cooperate in a band without killing each other. It's hard to criticize others without offending them, but criticizing and adjusting things are all important parts of making music. If you're a teenager, trust me, you'll find that by the time you're out of high school, most musicians you meet will be more experienced musically and more mature.