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Hey, for those out there starting a band or already has a band, do you choose your band players by their skill level or because they're your friends? I have friends who say they choose people by their skill level but when you hear them play, they sound really bad, so I am guessing they pick people who are their friends. But is that usually the best choice, I have alot of friends who play an insturement, but if they are terrible I don't pick them, and so far it's only me (lead guitarist) and a drummer that are playing together to form a band. But there are some bands who have 5 or 7 people and truthfully I think they pick people either because they are friends or they just don't know anybody else who plays that particular insturement. So my question is that should I choose selectively, it would take me longer to form a band but I'll get the band I want, or should I choose some people that are my friends even though they may play good or not?
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Choose good ppl i have turned down friends myself for bands.
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i think it depends on how they play not how well they play - if they pull of wots required n they do it well go for it audition people n see who feels best *that wasn't a sexual innuendo*
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well how good are a guitarist you should surround yourself with musicians who are better than you, but anyway, i would say get someone who is dedicated, and at least decently skilled, i have loads of friends who play guitar but ill be damned if i start a band with them, most are pretty inexperienced, nevertheless i dont mind if theyre not hella good, but as long as theyre decent and dedicated
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Don't make the same mistake as me. Choose your friends if they are good. I got to learn to say no and I'm going to say it the hard way.
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I have two bands
for band #1 they asked me to join
for band #2 it was kind of like a blind selection by my old guitar teacher that worked out extremely well

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Well it depends

do you want your band to be good straight off then pick the best musicians you can
But you won't have the same relationship with them as you would if they were your friends first

also by hanging out and being in a band with you, those musicians would surely improve a great deal

But if you did go with your friends, Pick ones who like the same music as you lol

I once did the mistake of picking someone who wanted to play Green Day all the time, while I wanted to play Trivium and Pantera
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I'll take a good player with a good personality over a dick who can shred anyday. I like a mix of talent and personality in my members.
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Band members have should have a more or less professional relationship. You should be together because you can work together effectively, and this compatibility includes both musical compatibility (tastes in music, skill levels) and personal compatibility (you have to be able to cooperate, focus, respect each other, and listen to each other). You don't have to love each other, just be able to get along. Most likely you'll end up friends or or good terms anyway if this is the situation, as the above criteria do tend to exclude douchebags.
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a friend of mine invited me to join his band. he already had a drummer and a bass player, he played guitar. i eventually started a band with just the drummer. then i met another guitarist who was jamming at a party with me, and now my band is me, the drummer, and the guitarist. i didnt know either one of them before i asked them to join my band, i jsut heard them play. now we are great friends. so if i were you, pick musicians, it doesnt matter if they are your friend or not, but pick people you can work with.
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