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whats the heaviest riff u ever heard or something that sounded heavy. now i like bands that have heavy riff in it but not all open on the drop d. bands like lamb of god, trivium, COB
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The heaviest riff ever to me atleast, is "Funeralopolis" by Electric Wizaed. But heavy is relative.
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Although it's probably not what you would consider heavy its the heaviest song I've heard.
Fallen by Haste The Day
That might not be heavy but sounds cool and anyone who can play that has mad skillz.
Some Pantera song my friend played (cowboys?)
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The outro/final riff on Domination (Pantera). That IS heavy.
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thinks its motorhead Ace of Spades and Hawkwind motorhead the song but me thinks it`s Enter Sandman but we both disagree and agree that there is quite a few heavyistic riffs out there in heavy metal land but if you play the tune fae th x files at 180 bpm backwards we readily agree that this is truly the most heavyiest riff ever...

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I like those guitar riffs of Body Count. They put me a little bit crazy. But... don´t know... Paradise City, sound very cool and heavy at same time don´t you think that?... maybe I wrong, but what the fu**
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The riff during the first verse of Without Judgement- Death
intro to Symbolic- Death Death collection is limited, but those two riffs kill. Just my opinion.
I Want it That Way-Backstreet Boys

All in all,I think the 2nd one is a bit heavier...
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Most Hatebreed songs are fairly heavy, but nothing goes past Nikki Webster...
dont know about heavy but Angel of death by slayer
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the rhythm guitar during the solo of inside the horror by chimaira
that **** is heavy
i love it
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I Want it That Way-Backstreet Boys

All in all,I think the 2nd one is a bit heavier...

Immortally Insane is the definetly one of the best Dime riffs ever.
I don't listen to much heavy music but Bad Horsie by Steve Vai is one of my favs.
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Back in yer face and Talk to the hand by Hanoi Rocks.
Wild Side by Crue? lol
What about "black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath....... That has to be the heaviest riff iv eva herd..... I think if something is really heavy it has to be really slow.... Soo slow that your head falls off........
there's a bit in master of puppets that's pretty heavy (well to me anyway)
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Oddly enough, but Fozzy's "The Way I Am" always feels like it's going to crush my skull. Heavy stuff.
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For heavy in a catchier way you can't beat Refused's New Noise. Then there's Thrice's Silhouette. Simple yet damn heavy. Obviously there's Battery, Damage Inc. and I think the riff from Holier Than Thou is damn heavy; the way the drums lock in just kick ass.
define heavy ? they're are different types. I'd say Fear Factory's Edgecrusher, Bonescraper and stuff like that are pretty ball breaking, but "Black Sabbath" is also damm heavy. Or Cannibal Corpses "Kill" the sounds on that are insane, its kinda like a warm fuzzy chainsaw
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