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hmmmm...this is a tough one but i want to say mouth for war by pantera
eye of the storm- BFMV
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The opening riff to Ride The Lightening by metallica
Type O Negative - Nettie
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Digitech Deathmetal
Box Of Metal
Big Muff Pi
Morley Wah
Edguy - Ministry of Saints
Saxon - Dogs of War
Megadeth - Holy Wars...The Punishment Due, Washington is Next!
Pantera - Cowboys from hell, Cemetery Gates
the breakdown (i guess you can call it that... the part @ 3:00) to Meshuggah's Closed Eye Visuals
"... and on either side of the river was the tree of life, with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. The leaves of this tree were for the healing of nations.
Harvester of Sorrow (whole song)
Frayed Ends of Sanity (main riff)
Leper Messiah (whole song)
Devils Dance (whole song)

Domination (breakdown \m/)
This Love (chorus/outro)

White Knuckles (middle ?bridge?)

Machine Head
Halo (main riff)
Davidian (intro)

As I Lay Dying
Through Struggle (whole song/outro)

Many more but I got bored of listing.
six feet under- seed of filth
or anything of acacia strain like skynet hahahaha
people = sh*t
End of the Line by Overkill
Pretty much any Megadeth song, but I'll go with an obvious one: Peace Sells but who's buying (I've never heard someone say that bass intro wasnt cool)
Blackened by Metallica (Truly the most underrated Metallica song, especially on AJFA, its alot better than One)
Never Die by Creed (Don't kill me, but it's to most heavy non-metal song I've heard so far)
ANYTHING by Mors Principium Est, I find them ALOT heavier than both Kalmah and Wintersun
The part in Toxicity by SOAD where Daron starts playing fast

And +The Internets, to the guy who said Beer is good by Psychostick
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whole lotta love

end of discussion

EDIT:the whole album 'blues for the red sun' by Kyuss is one damned long heavy riff so that counts probably.

now the discussion ends ha
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I say any songs that are heavy with a great groove is heavy in my books.

The ending riff of Machine Head's Davidian is heavy as hell.

Another heavy ass song is Sevendust - Inside

Also, Metallica - Ride the Lightning, the bass is so heavy in that song
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Megadeth- Sweating Bullets. the riff after the riff after the solo where dave has a voiceover w/delay part.

Deicide- Once Upon the Cross

You don't need drastic tunings to be heavy
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Beer Is Good - Physcostick

anyone heard it?

of course I've heard this. its just called 'Beer' though. That album is so awesome.

anyway, the heaviest riff I've ever heard is probably Obzen by Meshuggah. You don't really hear much of anything tuned lower than that.
others are:
The Heaviest Matter of the Universe - Gojira
What May Be Safely Written - Nile
Samael the Destroyer - Oceano
Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation (or) Alone in the Morgue (or) Exalt - Whitechapel

lengthy but whatever, its worth it
I know it's been said, but that end part in Battery is always awesome.
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The intro to everything went black by the black dahlia murder comes to mind. That and halo by machine head, and one by one by immortal
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Every song on Rage Against The Machine's debut album... It's just concentrated anger...
Either All Consuming Fire by War of Ages or Fartgina by Sexhavin.

Also, maybe Hacksaw Circumcision by Sexhavin


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The most brutal band to ever exist is...

You should go like them...even if you don't like them.

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I'd say Fear Factory is the heaviest band. They've got Dino Cazares and Gene Hoglan.
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How low can you tune your guitar? That is the question.
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How low can you tune your guitar? That is the question.

If I rember right I've seen a guy that tuned his bass down to E0
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The heaviest riff ever to me atleast, is "Funeralopolis" by Electric Wizaed. But heavy is relative.

The second i saw this thread that was the very first riff that instantly came in my head you nailed it

omgz like totallyz tearz dnnt fall by b4mv, soo br00tz

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The Heaviest Matter of the Universe by Gojira (I mean come on...Heavy is in the title of the song haha)
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The Heaviest Matter of the Universe by Gojira (I mean come on...Heavy is in the title of the song haha)

If that's the case, than SYL's first is the heaviest. It's got heavy twice in the title, and Gene Hoglan playing drums. He's like the heaviest drummer ever! He's like 784lbs!

In all seriousness though, pretty much any song by any quality funeral or drone doom band is heavier than anything that has been mentioned in this thread thus far, be it Skepticism, Thergothon, Nortt, Wormphlegm, Boris, Earth, Khanate, Sunn O))), etc.
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Pssh. Low tuning doesn't make something heavy. Groove and tonality do. I've heard some tremendously heavy stuff in E standard. A specific moment that comes to mind, I'm thinking the last two minutes of A New Aurora are some of the heaviest, most unrelenting moments I've ever heard.
I'm 50 years old and been playing the bass for 35 of them. The heavy of all time heavy song and riff is from Black Sabbath and the song is (Zero the Hero) !!!!!! Man is song is so heavy and deep.
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omgz like totallyz tearz dnnt fall by b4mv, soo br00tz

Vildhjarta - Focus
Dimmu Borgir - Hybrid Stigmata (intro, first minute or so)

and probably my favorite dark and heavy riffs
Nevermore - Next In Line
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