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Any one ever heard or, listen to this band.
I think that they are a great band, and very under rated.
From what I've heard from them, i love them, but i cant find any of their cds anywhere, and theres not much from them to download.
Anywho, discuss the band
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crazy guitar playing...I haven't heard a lot, but I noticed that first and foremost.
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are you the only one whos heard of them thats on this board, this sucks
anyone else hear of them, or have any opinions
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yeah, man choo choo mama, and good morning little school girl are probaby my favorites, one of my favorite wild players that just goes for it
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i think he's quite good, i have the cd tales of the unexpected with 2 covers on it (all along the watchtower and norwegian wood) overall a good guitar player, but nothing more imo
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Since I am new to the UG community let me first say hello to all.
At one point I had many of their albums ( yes - albums/vinyl ). I have always thought that Frank Marino was a very underrated guitarist. Oddly enough, for me anyway, my favorite tracks of theirs appeared on a live recording released in the late 70's or early 80's called California Jam 2 which was a multi-artist compilation with some of the best live playing from such classic rock artists as Santana, Dave Mason and of course the aforementioned Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush.
If anyone finds out where to get any of their stuff please, please post it on here. Thanks.