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my bands got all 5 members now finally. we have a singer drummer me on guitar and another guitarist and a pretty good bassist wer elike a post hardcore metal band i guess we have one song finished so far and we're working on our second mostly at practice we tend to get distracted and it effects the work habitss but when we actually get down to work we get things done. basically our problem is we have a bit to much fun and dont usually get enough work done at all the practices were having a "band meeting" today to sort out our issues is this kind of problem common?
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Yes, lots of bands have this problem.

I'm a bit confused if by second song you mean writing it or learning to play it,

But some general guidelines are:

-Get rid of all distractions that you can. Pretty straight forward. They're called "distractions" for a reason, by getting rid of them you're eliminating possible problems.

-Have a designated break time. Instead of just breaking "whenever" tell them to stop in an hour or any other time you pick. This way they should stay focussed when they know that a break is on the way.

-Keep them on track. If they start talking and stop playing don't start talking with them, go "come on guys we need to get this done". You could also just start playing to get them going.
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Hmm... this often happens to my band. The way we fixed this is to get a gig. This gave us something to focus and aim for.
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And thats why im still not in a band...the last 2 ive tried at were the same way...Play for 10 minutes, Smoke weed for 2 hours, Be obnoxious for another 4 then maybe, MAYBE play another 10.
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when my band starts to get distracted, you gotta be frank with them. i know you gotta be nice and all to your band mates, but when its time to get to down to work, you gotta work. so just tell them to shut up. really. they will respect you(hopefully) for a taking a leadership role in the band