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well my band has 4, (teh 5th song is almost done) and we're going to record a demo cd fairly son. now for gigging, woudl teh 5 songs be enough? or should we throw some covers in? if so, how many? we don;t ahve a singer yet, but assuming we did, woiuld that be enough?. by the tiem we get a permanant singer we'll probably have more, but since it woudl be out first couple of gigs, i don;t think we would be the only band playing right?
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yea thats plenty, you actually only need like 4, cause youll probably have a 30 minute set if it like a new music night or an open mic night at the place your playing so just inbetween songs find stuff to fill space like yea we havea myspace check it out blah blah then next song then inbetween again be like thanks to all the bands playing blah blah next song then talk again about like something idk then play another song and before you know it your time will be up
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yea i agree with nine01n, and say ur bands name a lot at gigs too, harder for someone to forget something theyve heard 50 times.
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If you intend on making a demo with covers on it, make sure you make the cover your own. A carbon copy is not going to be very entertaining.

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you could possibly pull of with 5 songs, but it would be adviseable to get a few covers under your belt as well, if your expected to play a 30 minute set, 5 songs would probably only get you to about 20 minutes...and the promoter/organiser of the gig could get annoyed with this, so if you mix one or two covers into the set you can fill the time more...
unless its originals only....
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If you're doin 30 min. sets yeah. If you need to kill time, bs, do covers, and if the singer is able, improvise if necassary. First show I ever did we had 10 songs, and 4 hours to kill! And It would be funnier if I wasn't kidding.
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