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So I played a pretty funny (at the time) but mean April Fools Prank on my band last night. I told them we had been accepted to play the Warped tour and even posted the gig and sent a bullentin on myspace. One reason I did this was to get them pumped for our show that night since our last few shows have been lackluster. So we go on and put on one of the best shows we have had before and gained some more fans.

After that I told them it was an April Fools prank. Some of them kinda saw it coming but 2 of them immeadately went to their car and didn't say anything. When I tried talking to them they threatened to beat me up and caused an entire scene in the parking lot. I told them I didn't mean to hurt their feelings but it did get them pumped and we had a good show. These 2 have a serious problem with negitive things happening in the band and anytime something serious does go wrong... they leave and don't talk to anyone or try to solve the issue. One of them thought of firing me but they would probably be a stupid mistake since I book 90% of the gigs, have the band fund money in my possession, have the only copy of the upcoming demo on my computer, and under contract with the band.

This situation caused us to not practice today and have no idea when the next practice is...although we have 3 more gigs this month. What should be done?
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*shotgun sound* BURN, ouch thats tough i think they are taking it too seriously but you have to win their trust back, be very serious about your band book a few more gigs
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Tell them to pull the dicks out of their respective butts and not to be such drama queens. Threatening to beat you up? Thats just ridiculous...

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All this over an april fools prank? They should've expected it, being april fools day and all...
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Quote by Shoestick
Tell them to pull the dicks out of their respective butts and not to be such drama queens. Threatening to beat you up? Thats just ridiculous...


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Quote by ChordMonger
if you know your guys flip out, dont be a dick. that simple m8

Yeah that's pretty much it right there.

But also I really think you should apologize for doing this as well. Assuming of course you want to keep playing with them.
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i usd to have aguy like that in my old band, the smple solution is just to let em be. They obviously have the highest lack of sense ofhumor possible sojust let em be. I meen the main point of a band is having fun right?
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Heres what you gotta do, and heres what they probably want you to do.

Well, you know you wont get Warped just yet, but you gotta get them the next best thing, which is a good gig in the biggest pub/club in the area. Better still, get a few different gigs in the biggest places. Jam onstage, have a few beers, theyll calm down, and they wont beat you up, it might even make you a closer-knit group.
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