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So the two concert albums that I have of the Who during the period when they performed Tommy in either its entirety (or almost its entirety) are Live at the Isle of Wight and Live at Leeds. On both of these are almost complete renditions of Tommy.

Personally, I think on Wight, the first half (the R&B-fueled mod freak-outs, as it were) is better than the Tommy half, whereas on Leeds I believe it's the other way around (though, A Quick One... at Leeds is pretty sploogetastic).

Anyway, I was wondering how everyone felt about this: do you prefer the rock n roll / R&B halves or the Tommy halves?
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Live, definately the non-Tommy stuff. There's more room for exploration outside the rock opera format. They're about even if we're talking about albums though.
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Although I do enjoy Tommy, alot. I feel they preformed the Rock N Roll R&B stuff better live. And the DVD for Isle Of Wight is amazing.
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Good thread idea. I enjoy the non-Tommy material on Live at Leeds compared to the opposed. I perfer the Tommy second half on the Isle of Wight compared to the opposed. Why? I have no idea.
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I love Tommy but live it is the RnB stuff I enjoy more.
btw...I think on Live At Leeds they where better than on Isle Of Wight. They seemed so tired at the festival performance.
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Amazing Journey(Sparks) live at Leeds dazzled me. Sparks is my favorite song, it was pretty amazing. But Young Man Blues, Magic Bus, Heaven And Hell, and Happy Jack are my other favorites for the Leeds section. For the Wight album, I found Tommy a little sloppy.. Then again, it was like 4 AM or something. Plus they had less time to practice Tommy in general. Does anyone know if Tommy was played in full in 1969 at Woodstock? Thanks.
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I think the coolest thing about both albums, especially leeds is just the power of the entire show.
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I actually prefer seeing the Tommy section on video as opposed to hearing it on disc. Overall I do prefer the R&B stuff myself, but Tommy is brilliant, no doubt about it. Keith Moon is the shiznit..........
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I think that Live at leeds, is a much better live version of tommy, isle of wight seems sorta off to me. Of course I love both so much I can't chose between either.
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