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Got any tips (preferably not sarcastic responses like "play the songs"or something like that) on how to perform a good first gig?
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dont expect it to go 100% smooth.

if you get embarassed in front of people, laugh it off and make a joke out of it.

people remember you more if youre charasmatic and funny.
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play the songs...haha kidding

just try to relax and make sure you know the songs really good so that you can play them perfect. also try to look at the crowd some while playing. that way you kind of connect with them more.
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I agree. People want to see you on the stage looking comfortable, confident and everyone's probably there to have a good time and you should do the same.
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talk to the audience
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if you have a lead guitarist, let him show off at the right times through out the performance, for example if he has a huge solo he can come to the front of the stage and drop to his knees or some other kind of stage moove, stage presence is half of your show.
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Just make sure you dont stand still. If you do, the audience will think your bored, and then theyll get bored and jeer at you. Move around, shout, whoop, jump, do dual solos, make up your own solos, and the crowd will join in on the fun and whoop with you, not at you.
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