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As well as daddy junkey music? I ask this cause DJM will only give me $125 approx for my RG321. So I wanted to see how much they give...
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i know where i live
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i beleive so

ive seen a few used guitars at guitar ceter... so yeah
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I think that guitar center does trade-ins, about 99% positive. I dont know what kind of value they would give you though.
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Yeah, but dont expect much more from them. Theyll generally give you half of what they sell it for, and on a $300 guitar, I wouldnt expect more than that. Try eBay if you want more.
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man guitar center will do you worse. they wont pay over half of what the price is for it used. My friend took in his ALvarez 12string Jumbo (its extremely nice he just doesnt play it) and the guy told him that he really should try somewhere else cause he could get a lot more for it somewhere else. try to take it to a guitar shop and put it on consignment (where they advertise it for you and get a small profit of the price). or that doesnt work try ebay.
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Does Guitar Center Do Tarde-Ins??

Answer: Sorta...I Remeber about a Year Ago, I Traded 2 Full 3-Piece Marshall Mini Stacks (Lead 12)...the Lead 12 Stacks were in Fantastic Condition, & they were about 4-Feet High, 2-Feet Wide, when Fully *Stacked*, I *Traded* Both of those Stacks in, for an Original Blackface 1965 Fender Band Master Tube Head with no Speakers AND I Had to Throw in $150, when they had that Head Marked for sale at like $425 & They sold BOTH of my Used Marshall Stacks for $350+ A Piece....So Yeah, They do do Trade-In's but they (also) do Screw You a little...
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they screw u a lot. u get 50%, minus an additional 10-20% off that.

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Have yo guys sold on Ebay with guitars before? I have sold on ebay before, but Selling a guitar could be hard cause I don't want some dumbass to say "OMG he sold me a warp neck"

If he claims that. I will be screwed eventhough I know that it is not and it is only 16 months old.
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yea they do, but its better to sell it on ebay, and get more cash for it
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How much you willing to sell it for because ive been looking for a project guitar