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ok so we got the whole band together except a singer. my friend suggested a fella named mike and i plan to go see his accoustic set in some cafe wednesday to see how he his and maybe offer him the spot after the show if hes good.

my question is how do you ask a stranger that sort of thing without sounding wierd and creepy and such and with sounding professional and all those good things?
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well you could say, hey man, i got a band going and were pretty good, but were looking for a singer. we came to check you out and your pretty good, are u in projects of your own?

just dont make it seem like you need him as a singer, just play it kool and like you still looking around
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personally I dont like having a singer
If I had a band It would be my last resort
but if you cant sing go ahead and ask the guy

I just dont like singers in general because they get all the glory
and the guitarists, bass players, and drummers are left in obscurity
thats just with some bands though

best of luck to you