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I was wondering where those of you who play in a band practice with your band. The last band that played here gpt the cops called pn them because of there loudness and i don't want that to happen to me and my band. So where do you practice with your band?

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1. Don't practice in an apartment - practice in a house.

2. Just don't turn up the amps - make them so that you can hear them over the drums, but there's no point in blasting them.
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My band practices in the pub that we play in. Its great, we get to drink beer while rippin out some great tunes.
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I usually practice at our drummers house, which isn't in a city so its not an issue. Other times I jam in town and I've never really had a problem. Maybe just don't play so damn loud? It doesn't have to be totally cranked just for a practice. In some cities there are places you can go to jam, but i think you have to pay. I've never had a problem with the police about this.
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drummers living room when his parents are at work. lol, never had any problems with neighbours.
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we practice at our singers garage. we had one lady come over and complain we told her to shut the **** up and go home and started playing so loud we couldnt hear her. that got her pissed off so we closed the dorr before she came in and like flipped out.
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Bassists garage or my room. They both work and neighbors don't care
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Used to have a house to ourselves to practice in (my grans old house, hehe) but the neighbours started to complain, so now we book the music tech rooms at school every week. Its great cos we can make as much noise as we want (its soundproofed) and we've got a lil recording studio in there as well.
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used to practise in the drummer garage, but neighbours started to moan, so now we hire out this practise room thingy near by, it's quite good
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The best place for practice is either in somebody's garage, or a school music room.
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a rehersal room in town. its fully equipped and pretty cheap.
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What kind of price would you expect to pay for a rehersal room?

We practice in the drummers house at the moment.
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My dad's huge abandoned warehouse in the industrial part of town.

If only we had bigger amps...
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either in the bif outhouse in my garden,.............or plug studios in my nearest city
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We practice at either the dummers house or the singers house. Depending on who is willing to move their stuff me most (We store our PA at the singer's house...and, how much are rehersal rooms normally?
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Average rehearsal studio runs anywhere from $250-$450 per month depending on a number of factors.
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We usually practice in my drummer's grandparent's basement, we have also practiced in my warehouse a few times.
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We usually practice in our drummer's basement.Every now and then we play outside or in his garage(More fun.I get to move around more).We've also practiced once or twice at my house in my living room as well.
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My drummers basement, when it gets warmer id like to move out to the gargage that would be nice
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We converted the upper level of my bassist's garage to a practice room. You can hear us down the street, but no one has complained yet.
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my practices at after school on mondays at least tree to two hours
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We rent spaces which were soundproofed and the catch is that studio is in front of a cemetery. But now I don't want to practice there 'coz I can't crank the amps freely.
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in england you cant get ****ed for noise polution untill after 8pm. so if someone threatens to call the cops. Tell them were to shove it
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from my post earlier, the amps there are combos and we play metal. So I demand to find a rehearsal space with bigger amps.
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Our band used to practice in an upstairs office/mini-apartment complex in a 2-story garage with a practice room, bathroom, & "meeting/chill" room. So we were literally above garage level. We have now relocated to one of our guitarists old house from the 1920's. We pretty much have the entire house to ourselves but the place is a dump. You know, those houses where some of the rooms are just filled to the walls with junk. It needs to be remodeled , but will be sweet once it's cleaned up. We are right next door to another trashy house and an elementry school, so there shouldn't be too many complaints.
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My old band used to practice in the upstairs bedroom of my house on a street with about 10 people on it. Out of those 10, only one ****ing neighbor had a problem and they would call and complain EVERY time we practiced. The funny thing was, you could barely make out any noise at all from their house (I had my band play and I went over to their house to listen and you couldn't even hear it). Eventually they called cops on us and they went over to her house to listen and they told her she was crazy. END of story, we won.
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Bassists house. Both his brothers and dad are musicians, so he has all hte amps drums and stuff. All i have to bring his my guitar. He lives out in the mddle of nowhere so no one cares how loud it is.
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My school lets you rent out the bandroom afterschool for free, first come first served. They let you use their drumset, too. I live in Taipei, so all the band members live in apartments... so no practicing at any of our places, obviously.
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my college has some sound-proof rooms in the music department. try at your high school band room if you're still in high school, or head to the nearest university or community college that has a music department and ask around. they're free, open to the public usually, and often have a piano in there too as an extra bonus. some may be a tad small for a large drumset, though, but there are usually big ones as well as small ones.
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drummer's house
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just like everybody else, my drummers basement, which is big, but happens to be unfinished so its very annoying with feedback and you can hear it throughout the entire house.

for neighbor problems play a song they like! ask them what they'd like to hear and play it! makes everyone happy
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we used to have trouble with practicing cos our drummer was a dickhead and he thought that he had to bang to drums as hard as he could and we told him to not hit it so hard but he reckons that thats the only way he can play, so we had to turn our amps on full to hear what we were playing, so then of course neighbors would start complain. now we have a new drummer and go to a rehearsal room every 2nd week where they have about 6 rooms there and its 40 dollars (australian) to hire out for 4 hours. its awesome because all the local bands practice there as well. every other week we play at my bassists house or my house, but we turn it down really low.
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We practice in my garage (which is also my room, don't ask). The founding members of the band, half of which are gone, all pitched in to help buy a drumset for my house so the drummer just brings anything he wants from his drumset. He's a banger. Definitely. We all have SS half-stacks (sorry tube/tone freaks, reliability) so it gets loud easily. The only person that ever has a problem is this old lady as far away from my house as possible, at the end of my block. She's like shhh turn it down, so we turn up. We like to practice with the garage door open because even the police who drive by will stop and say keep up the good work. o_O And we can't get called for noise pollution until 8 anyway. I live on a block of partiers and there's an unwritten law that nobody calls the cops unless it's loud after 1:30. Sometimes it is but whatever...
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Before I quit ym band we practiced at ym grandparents pole barn out in the farm fields. lol
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Everyone in my band lives in the middle of nowhere, so we don't have problems with neighbors or cops or anything. Myself and our trumpet player live in a town that doesnt even have cops, and neighbors are considered people who live a mile away from your house. We used to practice at my house in the living room cuz im the drummer, and used to play guitar too, but now we go to our guitarist's house most of the time and play in some backroom in his house. His dad's a guitarist too, so he gives us tips and stuff. We used to go to our singers house, but we dont do that either cuz we've given up on recording for the time being.
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band 1 - school (band room)
band 2 - school (band room)
band 3 - my house, my friend's house, my other friend's house (all basements)
band 4 - my house (basement)

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Me and my band practice in a youth centre - it's only £5 quid per session. Although i have found a better place that is £7.50 per hour, its more expnsive but wayyy better.
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basements and garages
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The better of the two lots of practice rooms in Leicester city centre. They've got 15 practice rooms for anything between about 7 and 15 pounds an hour, but it's all reasonably high quality stuff. They also have two decent recording studios downstairs.
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