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hey. my band has been thinking about releasing a a full length ep(we were thinking about 7 songs). we have recently released a 3 song demo 3 years ago with songs that arent what we play at all today. its going to cost 2000$ to record this ep. but what i was thinking is release a demo before our ep, with our new sound before we release the ep. we play shows, tour locally.(we would tour natinonally but we cant drive) if you understand, please feel free to put your 2 cents in
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I'd say you've got the right idea. Record a demo, and gig like crazy. Get your name known as best you can, perfect your live show etc. then record and release your proper EP. Once you've done that, then keep gigging the shit out of it, but keep a lot of copies with you to sell when you can.

Good luck with that man.
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Are the songs on your PureVolume old demos? New demos? If so, they're very good quality for just demos.

BTW, it looks like you found one of my best friends on MySpace (Angels Destroying Cities). I recorded his first album. He's also in a band with me that we're currently putting together.