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ok so i was in my grandmas garage and came across this acoustic, it looks pretty old pretty good condition plays pretty nicely, but i cant find anything online to give me some sort of appraisal. Is this thing better off for the trash or is it possibly a collectable?
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well...i guess thats up to you....if it plays nice and sounds good....then i think you got yourself a knew (old) acoustic.
ill check for some info on it though

edit....okay..i didnt find anything. do you have a pic of it?
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give the guitar to me
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I bought a marquis by harmony guitar at agarage sale amonth ago for 3 bucks. I put some new strings on it and it plays and sounds good. Sorry I don't know much about them . I think they are supposed to be martin copies. Mine says marquis on the crown and has alabel inside the body that says ' Marquis by the Harmony company'. Model#f-172. It also says it is made in Korea. If anyone knows any more about this guitar let me know
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I was just given a Harmony Marquis H570. It seems to to be in good shape. The action is pretty good, but the saddle is a little wobbly. I was wondering if anyone had an idea on what it is worth. I have 3 guitars and don't really need it, but didn't want to just give it away if it's worth anything.
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Quote by TripleREffect
Is this thing better off for the trash or is it possibly a collectable?

I think you missed the obvious. The best option is just to use it like a normal guitar.