Hey guys. I was wondering, what scales do you all use to solo?
Is it only possible to get a bluesy solo using the pentatonic scale? Or is there any others that would help?
If you know modes, apply them. Most Pentatonic Blues solos sound great with a mixolydian or aeolian accent once in a while. Peace,

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not so much modes

but i genrealy add in the major 6th, or notes form the aeolian(minor scale) mode.
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Minor Pentatonic
Major Pentatonic
Chromatic (passing tones)

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i genrealy add in the major 6th

That is a really good way to spice up a solo. You can hear this alot in some Chili Pepper songs. For example: The bassline to the verse of Around The World.
^SRV lived on the major 6th (although he never understood its purpose... just that it sounded nice).

Lots of RHCP uses the dorian mode, but as far as blues guys go, the standard is the hybrid blues scale... 1 b3 3 4 b5 5 6 b7 7... or some variation...
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dorian tends to give it a jazzier feel than it would have otherwise.
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I switch back and forth between the major and minor pentatonics some, depending on the sound im after.
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There are a tone of options using what has been described above.

There was a great article in Guitar Techniques a month or two ago that compared the approaches of 5 different blues players. One of the ones that was more "out there" was use of the Superlocrian. The superlocrian goes 1 b2 b3 b4* b5 b6 b7. *The b4 sounds like a major third, so you can just think of it as a major third I guess. If you happen to be playing over a jazzier blues progression with chords like 7b9s, this scale hits on every alteration in a dominant 7th chord. You can get a lot of tensions using this scale.
I generally use Dorian and Aeolian with the blues scale for sad type blues and of course to give a jazz feel, just like sirphyscho said. Then for happier sounding blues, stuff like B.B. King and most of the Allman Brothers, The Derek Trucks band,etc.., I use the major pentatonic with that flat 5th thrown in sometimes and mixolydian and the dominant pentatonic. As was said before the major 6th will defiently give a good spice to solos, also try to come up with small chords forms and diads to use to up and down the scale, i can give you so many ideas just trying to come up with good combos like that.
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