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What are some good acoustic power ballads (not every rose has its thorn, patience, signs or heaven or dont know what you got)? Because I'm gettin really into playin acoustic chords and stuff right now but I ran out of songs.
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Mr. Big- To be With You (quite possibly my favorite power ballad of all time)
LA Guns- Ballad of Jayne
Guns N Roses- One in a Million
Def Leppard- Two Steps Behind
Tesla- What you give
Maybe try... Motorhead- I ain't no nice guy
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Off the top off my head

Heaven - Warrant


Dead of Alive - Bon Jovi

are mainly acoustic ballads
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Try Whitewash by buckethead, on the album it's on an acoustic.
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fake plastic trees-radiohead
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Just my opinion but most metal songs sound great acoustically don't limit yourself to just acoustic songs.
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Quote by radiantmoon
fake plastic trees-radiohead

That's not either Shred/prog or 80s rock
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