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does anyone know any songs that only have the g, c, d, and em chords in it? im teaching a student and i need a songn for his first lesson. thanks.
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Time of Your Life - Green Day
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polly by nirvana, knockin on heavens doors but i believe there is a A or A minor chord in there i dont know but there are plenty of those songs out
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time of your life! brilliant! i forgot about that one. thanks.
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Nirvana - About a Girl
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patience by guns n roses
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Wish You Were Here has an Am thrown in, but that's a good choice.
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Last Kiss, Numb, Bad Day, and about 4 million other songs.
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"Sweet Home Alabama" is very easy and is a good song for a beginner to start with.
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Lynyrd Skynyrd's "All I can do is write about it"

Its very simple strumming, and is only G C D Em
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Disarm, by Smashing Pumpkins (there are a couple embellishments or variations in the actual version that can be ignored and still sound authentic) or Zombie, by The Cranberries
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Moon river...Hey Baby...Walking Alone - Green day

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"paint me a birmingham" - can't remember by whom
"so far away" - staind
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If you check out pickngrins first lesson. He shows a lot of songs with the chords:

G Em C D
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Canada, by one of the best (and most under-heard and under-rated bands) ever, Runrig. Go listen to it.
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Breakfast At tiffanys by deep blue something i think only uses those chords
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Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama
D C G for the entire song (though just strummed, without the fancy rythm thing happening)

Nirvana - Polly
(in the chorus type thigns a Bb comes in it off as a powerchord?)
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Pearl Jam - "Last Kiss" has those exact chords your looking for. it follows the typical I vi IV V formula. plus, it's a really nice classic that he could show off to his parents
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Knockin' on Heavens Door
Sweet Home Alabama

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Howie day ( Collide)?
But u gotta put a capo on the 4th fret.
(G D Em C)