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Listen, I know this is done practically everyday but I really need some help. I feel the need to learn a new song, but it has to be a blues song. I just learned "Gravity" by the JMT. I need an intermediate song, I've been playing for about a year but practice like a mad man and put shame upon the 2-3 year players at school, so I'm not that bad, so any reccommendations?
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Red House by Jimi hendrix is good, so is Crossroads by Cream and some early Zeppelin stuff like I Can't Quit You Baby or You Shook Me. They're relatively simple and the good thing is that because they're blues songs, you don't have to learn them note for note, you can just improvise!
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crossfire-SRV, that was my first blues song when id been playing for 2-3 had to simplify it a bit though. good luck
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How much do you practice a day to be that good?
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you should get into hendrix, both lead en his chord/melody styles, it will launch your playing into a new level
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