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Okay, So we have a gig coming up soon and we want to play a cover. Is it better to play it first and get the crowd listening? In the middle to keep the set going? Or last to go out with a bang?
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i would open and close with them, depending on how many songs youre playing.
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what we usually do is just in the middle of a show...break out randomly in the cover we planned to play...but we dont announce it to the audiance
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My band usually plays the covers in the middle too, and the lead singer announces them like "This is a song that I'm sure most of you know" or "Here's one that you might recognize" or something like that.
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My band used to play a lot of covers, especially in the middle of our set, but now that weve been around for awhile and have a small following, we've cut out most of our covers. We do end every set with "RAMONES", simply because its got a nice hook.
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