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Is it just me or does this band sound EXACTLY like Interpol?
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When I first heard them on the radio I just thought, "wow Interpol really has taken a new direction with their music." The guy's voice is identical but the musical style is different.
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Hadn't bothered actually listening to them until now, and yes, I do agree, they're an Interpol clone. The drumming (on 'tear you apart') sounds a lot like Bloc Party but a lot more simple/boring (I don't think the beat actually changes). The album seems to crop up everywhere you look on the net (well, at least the past month or so it has).
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I think htis band is one of those bands that were created by a record company. I mean, usually you hear about a band before they get big and get on MTV's 10 Spot Drop. She Wants Revenge just came out of nowhere, which is usually a good indicator of that.
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no - they sound exactly like interpol

i'm just so sick of bands adopting another's sound.
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Yeah, I mean the guy fronting this band used to do electronica stuff. He's obviously just trying to pick up on the trend of sounding like Joy Division. Crappy band.
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i personally think they sound more like depeche mode than interpol...

but most people get hung up on the paul banks voice i guess
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Quote by pumpkins_rule
Yeah, I mean the guy fronting this band used to do electronica stuff. He's obviously just trying to pick up on the trend of sounding like Joy Division. Crappy band.

My family doesn't get that! I keep saying "doesn't this sound like Joy Division?!" and they don't think so! It is so frustrating!


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They are like Interpol electronica... not so good.... anyway, the music is not too bad, but i can't really get into it. for some reason, the singer looks really gay to me, with the whole cabby hat thing... yeah he looks gay, i would like thier music more if i never saw the guy.
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I thought it was either a really bad interpol single or the singer of interpol did a side project.

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Quote by PinkIsCool
Is it just me or does this band sound EXACTLY like Interpol?

not justr them joy division to!
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Sounded a little like Cake to me, Tear You Apart at least, but somethings sounds kind of odd.
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They sound almost just like Interpol, just a bit more melancholy.
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I dont know why, I just really hate them. Their singer is an arrogant prick, and they are a complete ripoff of Interpol and most every New Wave band. Ugh.
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I hate them. His voice is monotonous and terrible. The music is crap and poorly arranged. Terrible, terrible ****.
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