I am looking to spread awareness of the project Gentlemen's Gun Club.
It is all composed by one charming boy, who I got the chance to chat with about his music as well as his art.

To me, it is a mixture of originality, 65daysofstatic, and I'd throw in a little Godspeed You! Black Emperor, if I may be so bold.

The myspace can be found here
And the GGC site can be found here

I'm interested in seeing what some of you have to say...
For a minute there I thought there was a slight chance you were talking of Victorian English Gentlemen's Club, but haven't heard this lot, will try and check them out later.
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sounds great

electricshark wrote:

id rather just get wasted and run around naked with my guitar prenteding im a rock star.

beer $12
guitar $700
video game $50
gettin drunk and pretending youre a rock god priceless