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Eric Clapton Youtube

a good little video, talks about his sounds ect.sound quality is a little poor.

late 60s i think?
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seen this before, its an extra on the cream farewell dvd. still good though , nice find.
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I love how hes got a joint stuck onto the headstock of the fool guitar, great vid.
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Quote by trepkos
I love how hes got a joint stuck onto the headstock of the fool guitar, great vid.

Looks kinda thick to be a joint. Cigarette maybe? Lots of guys back then used to burn cigs behind the nut while they were on stage.

And besides, do you think anyone would just let a joint burn away like that without even hitting it?
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Yeah that's from the Farewell DVD. I would recommend that to anyone who likes Cream, it's got great interviews with Ginger and Jack also.
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very retro!
nice find!
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woah... that is awesome!
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