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Avril Lavigne is a HOTTIE
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For gigs and the like, what is your *you not the band* trademark, like what are you known for? The guy that takes his shirt off? etc etc
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spare some change?
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i splode stuff up
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Dan Steinman
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my bass player's the guy with the fedora (blues bros. hat)... and my drummer's the short skinny guy... i guess i'm the guy with the hawaiian shirt, but i'm thinking of getting a beret or something.
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im the one with clothes...
im in a nudist band

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The only good player
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When i go on stage, I always wear pajama bottoms, and most of the time, no shirt. The pajama bottoms are have the South Park kids all over them, they rock. It's pretty sweet.
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the one that smashes a xylophone really well and plays bass behind his head
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Mine would have to be the dude that plays over top of the fretboard.
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the beaner
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I trigger sounds off of a lap top for synth sounds. I am the only known person to do this in our area, and usually the only "keyboardist" at any show we play. So that makes me stand out.
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Quote by Dutch_Apples
I trigger sounds off of a lap top for synth sounds. I am the only known person to do this in our area, and usually the only "keyboardist" at any show we play. So that makes me stand out.

Yeah I play keys in one of my bands, I'm surprised at the lack of keyboardists in my area.
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the guy who head bangs the whole f'n time even after he is blatantly dizzy and in pain.

Also, a lime green pimpsuit once. lol
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"The guy who hasn't played live yet"
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I'm the classy dresser in my band. And I'm known for flailing my right arm out when I hit harmonics on some of our songs. It just always happens.
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the guy who can play a solo while croud surfing, ive only done that twice but its fun as hell, make sure you have wireless with your guitar otherwise it dont work.
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I'm, well, a black guy playing rock n roll. i barely need more than that.

Also, i wear a very hip-hop looking baseball hat.
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*SIGH* I've never played on a gig. Although, if we do, I think my bassist will be ''The one with the Wah''. And by that I mean, he's addicted to his wah-wah.
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That Guy With The Led Zeppelin Tshirt...
Avril Lavigne is a HOTTIE
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lol hey dutch apples, myspace budd
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Citiz3n 3ras3d
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I'm either:

The fat kid who can move around while still playing accurately.
The kid who has identical basses(My drummer bitches at me for it.)
The kid with the Fatigue hat(Which I lost at a show::sob:

I think that's it.
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the guy that can actaully PLAY my instrument...or the guy whos not acting gay lol
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in my current band, im actually the memorable one. i mean, we're a 3 piece - drummer, lead-guitar-singer, and me as bassist. our drummer doesnt do much as he needs to drum, and the guitar-guy is kinda shy so he just stands there (yes, he's shy and he sings).

i'm the one who jumps around, put on weird hats and sunglusses when the song fits...
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Semus, your current band sounds very similar to my last one
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And for the dancing bassist...Go dance your ass off a bridge.

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Well the only live playing I had was alone at a talent show last year(before my band started)
and I was known as the guy who had the bass dial on his amp turned up too much. It wasnt my amp and wen I started playin I stopped after like 4 seconds an di looked at the amp and the owner came up and was like to much bass, so he played with the dials. He had a big amp so all the guitarist used his instead of the **** the skool had. Of course it wasnt even my guitar but thats a different story.
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Im the one that doesnt care about sticking out. The one who is all about the Band.
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the guy who does the bass, guitar, keyborard, and singing at the same time.

the guy with hair down... to his knees... got to be a joker he just do what he please.(the beatles for you metal heads who don't know anything but thrashing and yelling.)

the guy who has the long hair but cant headbang
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In my Metal band I'm the guy who plays the improv. solos and has long hair

In my one man band I'm the guy in a New Mexican Straw cowboy hat who plays an acoustic and sings about funny weird random stuff.
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The guy with the Nirvana T-shirt...or sometimes no t-shirt
The guy with the black pointy guitar
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im the fat guy, the hairy guy, the jew, and i hump the other band members.
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I'm the guy who always headbangs, even if we play a pop song.
And I'm also the guy with the shred solos (counter-point to the other guitarist that has like, laid back, blues solos.)
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I'm the over dressed guy who refuses to take off his jacket because it looks so damn cool. And I'm the hollowbodies and Voxes guy. I like to think its a pretty unique rig for someone my age to have. I haven't run into anyone else with a similar rig.
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I'm the girl...
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The big guy, the hairy guy, the red-haired hairy guy.

I have long and curly red hair. Not quite Plant-esque but getting there. The guy who plays guitar or bass. The guy punching his bass strings. The guy with his pants down.... Well, not the last one.
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I usually wear sunglasses

in my band, it's kind of hard to stick out, we're all crazy.
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