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My band is planning to practice for the first time this week and i have heard lots of people on UG say there first practice didn't go very well because they didn't know what to do or play. So are there any tips songs or anything else you can give me in order to have a good first practice.


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Find out their tastes in music and see if you know any songs by those artists, or learn some. Or just jam through a riff and write a song.
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You seem to be something of a Classic Rock fan, so I'd suggest finding some songs you can jam on and try to balance out your sound. Get used to how one another play, then you can start learning more complicated songs.

Voodoo Child's solo section can be all in Em, so it shouldn't be difficult to solo on or back up. Sweet Home Alabama is only three chords, and you can use Em pentatonic over that I think.

Try to talk to the guys in your band in advance about what they like, pick out a few songs with a couple of chords, make sure everyone knows what they're doing ahead of time, then when you get together you can figure out how it all fits.
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Just choose a song you all like. and Each learn their part. Choose an easy song and cover it. People say they dont have a good first practise cause you dont know what to play, well the way to avoid that is, pick a song in advance, learn your part, and just play. see how it turns out.
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Yeh normally start with a real easy song like knocking on heavens door - great song that to start with coz like you'll need to learn it at somepoint.

And that song you can go from like 3 chords upwards towards something like the GnR version with time.

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When I joined this second band, we all agreed on a few songs to learn, we played those, and just jammed fort the rest of the practice. Get some songs you can all play together.
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Heh, my bands first practice was a lot of nothing. Just make it casual, not so planned out. Don't imagine this ideal thing because it won't end up that way. Find out if you really see yourselves being able to work together seriously. And don't use the term band until you and your buddies feel like you really are one. Try being a jam band for a little bit and if you want to tear your eyes out due to frustration, reconsider.

As far as jamming and things to play... if you have original things then write out the parts and ask them if they want to try it. For just jamming, it's good to choose a wide spectrum of songs. You want to be able to evaluate what kind of music they like and want to play without asking them directly, otherwise you'll get "Oh I like all kinds." Give them a few songs to learn, but then throw in a few randomly at practice to see if they know them or have the ability to hit a note in the right key.

Cocaine: See who responds to classic rock. If they can't appreciate it they probably are more of a "modern popular culture" (I'll call it MPC) fan. You know, watches Fuse all the time.

Kumbaya: Not joking, ultimate campfire sing along. Lightens the mood, and you can see who's going to jokingly sing along and who is going to be a tight ass about it.

Master of the Puppets: Good skill evaluator based on their reactions. Just the beginning will do. If they make the face like they've never seen somebody play that fast before and they haven't heard the song in their life then... lol. A happy nod indicates they were testing your own skills.

Any Green Day or Blink 182 song: If you're unlucky, you choose a punk rocker and a metal head to be in the same band. You'll find out which is which. Haha. A rash "I hate that fckin band and all those pussy powerchords" statement means they'll be hard to work without outside their preferred genre.

Just some ideas. If I were this smart when we started then we'd be a lot farther down the road.
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don't try to be a big leader. wait until the band starts to feel hoo can be the leaders and hoo can be the ppl that just do watever the other ppl say to do.. it mite give off the wrong impression