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The decemberists are a pretty cool band. Mostly aoustic stuff with brilliant lyrics, check them out. Spoon is another cool indie rock band they have been around a while. There guitar is kinda unique.
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16 Military Wives is a good Decemberists song......... yeah...
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I dunno where you come from, but the Decemberists aren't mostly acoustic.
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I love Spoon. My favorites are The Beast and Dragon Adored, Utilitarian, The Guest List/Execution, and The Agony of Lafitte.
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what makes these two bands so similar that they get a combined thread? I cant stand the decemberists vocals for the life of me but spoons pretty funky
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The Decemberists are a fantastic band, much better than Spoon in my opinion, but Spoon are still decent. Noticed The Decemberists are slowly getting more attention, I'm waiting for the day when I can sell my coloured vinyl.
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two of my favourite bands, completely different, but for both very inspired song writing. the decmberists vocals i know can sound annoying at first but give it a chance and its pant-wettingly good all around.
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haven't heard much of the decemberists' stuff but i love 'here i dreamt i was an architect' and 'july, july!', and i like '16 military wives'. although i've heard of spoon a million times i don't think i've ever actually listened to them even though i intended to. will do now that i've been reminded about it.

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"july, july!" is an excellent song.
i think they sound great actually.
could do with more music a like.
not heard much by spoon though.
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Happy to see this thread. Both bands are great, looking forward to Decemberists first Major-label release.
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I was flicking through the channels looking for something to watch and found The Killers performing live, so I was like 'Sure, let's watch this.' So I watched what was left of it and then some band I had never heard of came on. It was Spoon.

So I watched that and they were really good in my opinion. Very unique sound. But I'm sad to say, I haven't heard anything by them other than what they played. Though I've been slowly looking into more about them.
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I love the Decemberists... half of their songs sound like mid 60s Beatles, around the Magical Mystery Tour days... listen to 16 Military Wives and Billy Liar... the influence is obvious.
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I've been meaning to listen to the Decemberists for ages, what album/songs should I get?

I have Kill the Moonlight by Spoon, I like it.
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Deff get the album Picaresque!

But yeah, the Decemberists are great, some great songs = Of angels and angles, On the bus mall, Red right ankle, The engine driver, Here I dreamt I was an architect.
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does anyone have the Mike Patton/Decemberists release?

hook me up if you do. i've heard its amazing and only 1000 copies are in print...
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With Mike Patton!? Are you sure?
It's not one of Colin's solo cover releases again is it?
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"castaway and cutouts" and "5 songs" are two good albums by the decemberists
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