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What's up. I'm new (obviously) and I wanted to throw a question out there. I am the lead guitarist/singer/frontman in a blues and hardrock band. Somewhat advanced guitar player having switched over from 4 year bass stint 6 months ago. Now you see I have a kind of Custum Fat strat that I use for shows and I have two decent amps and I want a second opinion on what I should use Live. I've tried both and can't decide. On one hand I have a brand new 120 watt Behringer V-ampire modeling on the pther I have a Vintage Bogen 60 watt all Tube. V-ampire has all the 30 some effects and simulations but the tube has way better sustain and clean. They're both about the same volume and projection so that's not an issue. Thanks for actually reading this.
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tubes dude, once u crank it you'll tell why.
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depends on the venue and the music. if you're playing for 1000 people, go for the 120 watt amp. if you're playing clean music, go with the tube. its really your choice.
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for what you play, most likely the Bogner. if your not gunna use the effects theres no reason to have them. the only reason i would use the behringer is if you wanted thick SS distortion, which you can still probably get even better on the Bogner, so I'd say use the Bogner
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If you make sure your tubes aren't as old as the amp, then yes, go for the Bogen. An important thing with tube amps when gigging is that you have to place them where they can project outward. Make sure they aim into open space right over the audience. Don't be afraid to crank it up there.