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ihave a band we can write music quite well but it all comes out crappy punk, not good punk. we also want to write some heavy metal but how??

we also had a go at lyric writing (an accident waiting to happen) we try but cant make any useable lyrics.... any ideas to help??
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if you find out, let me know. i could use they help. i try to write guitar riffs... not very well. i write lyrics sometimes. i guess you need to be vague and not really say what your saying, but let the basic idea get across and let the listener make up their own mind. id write more music but my computer is gay and needs to be fixed. use a program like guitar pro, it makes writing easier. and jam with the people in your band... i would if they would come out... get a feel for everyones style, or so im told. give it a shot, im sure you'll have better luck then i do.
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go read some of the articles in the columns they might help you out.
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I write most of my metal riffs when I'm in a very angry or aggressive mood. Like if I have a bad day at school or after work. Or, I know it may be hard to remember most of the stuff you come up with, but make up riffs in your head when your not around your instrument. That seems to work for me. Anyway, making up riffs when I'm away from my instrument keeps me from repeating most of my common patterns. Good Luck.
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Yep. Make up a riff in your head and transfer it to your guitar. It works for me. Or just wait until you are inspired. You can't force good material out without being inspired.

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(laughs) Come on, inspiration has to come from inside (as corny as that sounds). We can tell you how to write things down but we can't tell you how to express yourself musically. You're in your own band so screw shyness and don't overanalyze what you're writing or playing. If you become hesistant to try out ideas at practice there's going to be a major problem sharing your ideas with an audience vocal-wise. Just sing... suggestions and improvements will follow. Communism looks good on paper. Not everything written down looks like it seems when applyed. >_<
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when doin metal, just think of stuff that will make you wan tto get all hyped up and like kick somones ass, or just headbang untill you fall over, or just go crazy.

try to think aobut death, killing, war,and hate

thats what i do
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