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This may be in the wrong place

Anyway, what tuning(s) do you use to write and play songs in for your band?

In my band, we tune to Drop D and Drop B (B F# B E G C)

Do tell...
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My band uses all kinds of tunings. Mostly either Drop D or Drop B but we have a few songs here and there that are in Standard, Drop C or Drop C#
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E, Eb, D and Drop D
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In my band we use eb tuning.
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Standard, and proud. 'Tis a man's tuning. Don't need no fancy-shmancy tunings.
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Standard usually, i have one song in drop d that we'll have to play at some point, when the keyboard thing gets figured out.
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Standard all the way.
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The guitars go in Drop D, The bassist in my band uses a 5 string tuned ADADG, and of course my synths are in standard
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EB Standard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Standard, Drop D. Also, I'd probably use a Capo a bit
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My band plays in drop D because the other guitar player is a stuborn jerk and won't play anything in standard even though I love standard. I also have a band for this summer program because there is a talent show and we(90% me) wrote a song in standard that is way better than anything my band has done, but the other guitar player and bass player have no commitment.
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My Band's tuning is ridiculous we tune to Bb standard and I don't like it at all it's too low for my tastes
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^Psh. Sonata Arctica and Meshuggah tune to should you!
Not really. Whatever tuning you like is just fine.

We're in Standard. I prefer down tunings (D, C#, C?B can be a bit too low sometimes...)
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