okay. Name some guitarists that arent verry good but seem good cuz they're in a good band...... Warning: This could get ugly :P
ok i'm reading here, there, and everywhere and it says that George Harrison would always mess up on his solo's and Paul would end up playin them. But that was in the earlier years really and the later years he played better. I'm not saying that he's bad! (I'm gonna get killed for saying this)
okay, you are gonna hate me for this but i hate buckethead, i dont like any of his solos, think he is a fake mother****er who aint "that" good on guitar....
i mean he is good and can play quite well but i dont like him at all, think he is overrated and i just hate him for one reason?? ..
well there i said it, so spam me so ****ing mutch if you want to......... i dont give a ****... i hate him anyway.....
play from the soul and get wild, drunk and have fun,
thats all folks