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I thought that I would put this here, because shredders tend to have good technique. I've just started recording myself on the computer, and I have noticed that if I am playing a scale (lets say the natural minor), when I have done the last note on the low E string, then move to the A string for the next note, the low E string rings out. What steps can I take to overcome this? Should I be trying to mute with my right hand so that it doesnt ring out? Or is it a problem with my left hand? Thanks for any help you may be able to give
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probly your left hand but it's good to comebine both hands in the process. Just play it agonizingly slow and watch your left and try to pull it off before you pick the next note. Then start mixing in muting with your right hand at the same time you move to the next note.
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It's probably because you're trying to play too fast and when you switch from the E string to the A string you accidentally 'slightly' pull-off on the E string, thereby making it sound.

You shouldn't need to mute previous strings when playing scales, if you fret the notes correctly and your hands are coordinated the strings won't ring when you don't want them to.

Start playing slowly up and down the scale, fretting each note precisely, and use a metronome set at a comfortable speed. When your playing is clean, increase the speed slightly.
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Listen to MM. Also, your right hand should be your insurance - let your thumb or side of hand brush when you come down for a pickstroke on the A string and brush the E and mute it.

Course, you could actually string skip all over the guitar with only legato and if you were good enough you wouldnt leave a string ringing, so thats not actually necessary. And shouldnt really be, although it is in practice.
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Cheers for all the help, I'll see you in about a year when I have got correct technique