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we have no bass player atm he quit around a month ago and weve been searching but had no luck we have 3 shows next month and its cutting it close so idk is it possible to play a show with no basS?
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It depends on what type of shows they are and how many people you have in your band reawlly. What type of music do you play?
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If your bass player just played root notes then it shouldn't be hard to pick up a random bass player. Just ask a local band if their bass player will consent to playing a few shows because you're in a bind. It's not completely out of the question, even death metal musicians would feel sympathy and at least give some kind of clue as to where a find a bass player to help you out.
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you can play a show with any setup
I've done some nice epic jams w/o my bassist when he was sick
it was just me and the drummer
the Doors and the White Stripes don't have bassists and they're famous

'tis life
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white stripes use an octave pedal to make up in the low end department

and i've never liked the doors as much as the next guy.

ask another bassist, and if you have to, pay him. (if you guys are like 16 and so is he, theres a good chance he wont ask for money, but if you're all in your 20's or older, he'd probly expect payment)
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Ask a favor of a friend, a band that you're friends with?or not, just as long as they're nice guys/gals, they'll probably be cool with it.

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