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Hey.....I need some songs that are easy but sound great but make u seem better than you are.. It mite hav been asked already but i'm new and i havent seen every thread thats been on here :P
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kickstart my heart by motley crue. if you have a floyd rose, the dive recovery's will look awesome to non-guitar players.welcome to the jungle is good too. try wild side by motley crue also
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Wish You were Here, sounds awesome and very easy to learn
When they kick at your front door
how are you gonna come
with your hands on your head
or on the trigger of your gun
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Diamond head- Am i evil, the hammer on bit
AC/DC Thunderstruck.
Black Sabbath- Paranoid.
Megadeth- Holy Wars intro.
Iron Maiden- Trooper w/ Trill bit.
Metallica- Seek and Destroy.
Metallica- Master of puppets intro.

All i can think of atm :/
Check them out =D
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Crazy Train main riff. totally east to play, and ppl will b amazed
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Check the beginners sticky in Tab Talk.
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