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Are there any rock cover bands that do only covers for the 80's hair and metal bands that are well known for it.And I don't mean famous bands that did covers.
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... so you are asking "is there any bands who are well known because they do covers and thats it"?

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Yeah,I think there is a KISS cover band that is pretty well known but I don't know if there are any others?
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The thing about being well know is that if their were any you would know about them.
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there is an all girl ac/dc tribute band thats pretty famous
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well, "The Atomic Punks" are a Van Halen tribute band and are pretty well known. They copy the early Van Halen(Roth era) perfectly to every single detail and I am quite impressed with how amazing they are. Click here to see a couple of videos of 'em playing
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This one's easy Weird al Yankovic Although it's not metal it's the most known person out there. What kind of weird question is this anyway if there would be any famous band you'd have know or else it would turn up at the first few matches at google

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I did the google search and found more 80's new wave cover bands than anything and I didn't say a famous cover band just well knowns,alot of them are local bands so alot of people might know some that aren't listed.
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You pretty much need a stupid gimmick to become famous as a cover band (as if covering another band isnt gimmicky enough, right?) But I'm talking about the Iron Maidens, the all female Maiden cover band. And Lez Zeppelin, the group of dykes who cover Zep. I've seen tons of cover bands over the years, and most of them were excellent. I'm mean, you gotta be if you want to find gigs. But only the wacky and weird ones seem to find any widespread recognition at all.