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Thank you to airplay for reminding me about them.

I saw them when they were supporting Coldplay at Marley Park last year. I wasn't paying much attention to them(I was trying to get pit passes, which I did eventually get in the end), but I liked what I heard. I meant to check them out but I forgot their name until airplay mentioned them

I'm going to order Wilderness Is Paradise Now. I only have the live versions of Can't Get It Right and Have a Good Time off myspace, but I love them.

Anyone else enjoy a slice of Morning Runner?
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I first heard morning runner on the radio and it stuck in my head so i got wilderness is paradise now however i cant remember what song i heard on the radio.. but yer there good
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I've seen them live a couple of times because they went to school with my flatmate. They're a bit iffy, but some of their songs are pretty damn good. Work, for example.