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Ive had a band for a while, but we havn't really gotten out of my basement because I live in a small town and were to young to drive anywhere. But now that ive turned sixteen and gotten my liscense we can go to bigger towns and cities with more places to play, so arrises my question. How do you get a gig? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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make an ep...or even a cd...and hand it out to the owners of the loical places to play, send it to the radio stations, etc...basically ur gonna have to get exposure first, so dont think ur gonna go playing the biggst stage in town in your first month of serious gigging
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Use your contacts. Do your parents know a guy at the local church? Organize a church basement gig where you guys play. Does one of your older brothers know a guy who plays in the local Lynryd Skynyrd cover band? Ask him to ask them if you could do 3 or 4 songs to open a show. You'll be suprised what you can get people to help you with if you just ask. And the best people to ask are people who know you and want to see you succeed and have fun with it.

Music teachers, guitar store guys, old people with time on their hands, uncle whatever who used to play the trombone. Use your contacts!

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