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My grunge band, Idiot Carnival, is doing a show in about a month. We already have about six/seven songs, mostly material we wrote ourselves. However, we need some easy grunge songs that we can learn quick to use as "filler" or backup songs. Any ideas?

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Anything by Nirvana is pretty easy also try Jeremy and Alive by Pearl Jam, the former being a good fairly easy tune and the latter being slightly more difficult but with a great solo also if your up for it try black hole sun by soundgarden one of my all time favorite grunge tracks, also look into some mudhoney and sonic youth
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^^smells like teen spirit is on the playlist.

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maybe not QUITE grunge, but maybe some ramones
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maybe not QUITE grunge, but maybe some ramones

good idea
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hell i'd always rake out a zeppelin tune but thats probably not what you planned on

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The misfits/ramones is good cause all the riffs are wicked easy but they just sound so good
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alive - pearl jam definately

lithium - nirvana

and then try somethinf like the one - foo fighters...quite grungy