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i saw him live at the rosemont he played through that album....i like it
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Quote by haveaniceday233
i saw him live at the rosemont he played through that album....i like it

You saw him at Rosemont? What day did you go? I went on the 12th and I was sitting pretty close, probably 10 rows back or so and to the far right.
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IMO the guitar is still there but I thought there are too many effects on the vocals for my liking, but I aways liked him better live though. I only bought it on Thursday so I still need to listen to it a few more times but I already like a few songs.
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very romantic, lol. it is though...
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Very solid album, but the only time I can listen to it is late at night. The mood of the album is too relaxing for me to get into it during the day or when I'm driving around.

And he was excellent in concert. I saw him at Radio City in NYC a few weeks ago
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i dont have it yet, i dont think ill enjoy it too much, since i usually listen to heavier stuff, but ill probaly buy it for the guitar work...