this is carl from the libertines new band, can anyone recommend me some good songs by them?
From what I've heard you may as well just stick with 'up the bracket' (if you're unfortunate to own it already), sounds like you're getting the same thing.
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bang bang your dead- wicked song
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They are ok. Nothing special, but I won't turn them off when they come on.
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Theyre okay, saw em at the NME awards on tv, quite a good live show, notihng epcial though. Me prefers babyshambles.
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Better than Babyshambles. DPTs have a darker, tighter sound than The Libertines, and it shows on the entire *leaked* album.
You Fucking Love It. Best song by them in my opinion.
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'wondering', the little riff in it is catchy
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dirty pretty things are amazing you can realy tell carl as the talent in the libertines if your looking 4 song , bang bang your dead , your ****ing love it , dockters and dealers and deadwood
I've heard a lot of good things about this band but I still haven't checked them out yet.

I do want to, but I dunno...I used to love the libertines but I've gone right off of them recently and Babyshambles? No thanks..so i'm not sure whether to check Carls band out.

I might later on or something
Dirty Pretty Things ****in kick ass,i think their better than the libertines and babyshambles. I can't wait till their next tour because this tour was all sold out,HOPE THEY COME TO SCOTLAND, Bye.
From everything i've heard, they're the same as any of Carl's other bands which doesn't exactly appeal to me. I've only heard 1 or 2 of their tracks and in my opinion they're pretty boring.
Naa, IMO they're not even one of the better bands around at the minute, they're boring. Better than Babyshambles, but I hate Babyshambles.
I've heard two songs and they didn't really grab me. But then again I've never been a massive fan of Carls voice. (I prefered Petes in The Libertines)

Out of all the ex-Libertine bands the best imo is Yeti, the bassist John Hassel's band that he sings and plays guitar in. No one ever mentiones them, but they're pretty good.
Listen to them here if you haven't before. (Midnight Flight is the best song there)
Better than Babyshambles is about as far as I go with them. I've listened to Bang Bang You're Dead several times and it does nowt for me.
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I ****ING love this band!

I do prefer The Libertines, but Babyshambles and Dirty Pretty Things are tight too! ''Waterloo to anywhere'' is one of the best albums of the year, and so is ''Down in Albion''...

The Libertines will be back, believe me! Pete and Carl don't hate each other, they just had some arguments.. In interviews both of them say that they like each other and Carl said that he and Pete will share the same stage again..
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I hate AVA. They sound like U2 and Rush getting beat up by Panic at the Fall Out Boy.

Sorry mate, the libertines arnt going to be back together, its a nice thought, but it wont happen, carl and gary has dirty pretty things, pete has babyshambles, and john has yeti, they're not gonna sacrefise there friends to restart the libertines.
^Carl and Pete said that in an interview!
Did you see the stylish kids in the riot?

Quote by pinheadslts75
I hate AVA. They sound like U2 and Rush getting beat up by Panic at the Fall Out Boy.