If you could be/ have the skills of any guitarist, who would it be? I would either be Richie Sambora- Bon jovi or Izzy Stradlin- GnR.
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I mean 'Really Retarded' in the nicest way possible by the way.

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wtf are you thinking man???? wth??
mab must be the one guitarist i would like to get the skils from, and then slash cause he`s my idol and stuff ;P lol...
play from the soul and get wild, drunk and have fun,
thats all folks
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The major scale sounds like something you'd play in the boy scouts, or at a wedding, or in an episode of barney, or at an emo show. And because the name fits, PENTAgram, PENTAtonic; does'nt get more obvious than that.

Yeah, that makes sense...
well im assuming this question means whose life would you want to live.. which takes into account accomplishments and experiences and everything on top of playing ability..

so i say keith richards.. as ugly as he may be.
log y^2 = c+log x
log 4 = c + log 4

log y^2 = log x
y^2 = x
y = x^(1/2)
hhmmm... interesting question, I would probably have to say David Gilmour
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how are you gonna come
with your hands on your head
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