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right in my quest to practice properly i need a question answered. i can practice licks at a speed where i feel really relaxed, like with no tension anywhere and it feels like im barely gripping the pick, is this how your meant to practice? practice like that and gradually you get faster still being really relaxed?
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if holdin it loose feels right, it is right
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Avoid tension, even if it means going uber slow.
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Being completely relaxed when you play is great. Tension tires you out and causes you to make more mistakes. You might be able to play a fast repeating pattern a few times with high tension, but you'll never be able to do it on demand and as many times in a row as you want. If you're playing with high tension then you'll probably screw up if you get nervous. Relaxed is definitely the way to go.

If you can play relaxed at a medium tempo indefinitely, then you'll soon be able to tear up the fretboard, so stick at it.
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Im gonna agree with these guys. When im playing fast, when i get tenser i play sloppier. When i loosen my grip and relax, the notes pour forth cleanly and easily.
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Sometimes I have to hold the pick really tight when I'm tired or it'll fall out of my hand. Other than that you should hold it to where its comfortable.
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